Objects of Ecstatic Desire

OBJECT No 001 | 2024

Born from the earth; inspired by the sky

OBJECTS OF ECSTATIC DESIRE invokes the art of dalle de verre, exploring the contrast of raw materiality against sensuous, rococo gesture, in a quest to capture the passage of time and transience of light in form. 

Each piece begins with a loose sketch, resulting in the asymmetrical composition of sandcast bronze and hand-cast glass elements. Channeling material honesty in the work, OBJECTS OF ECSTATIC DESIRE embraces the inherent beauty of each material, utilizing the reflective properties of bronze and the light transmitting quality of glass to create a luminous, spiritual narrative with each original piece. 

The combination of patinated and polished bronze gives the object a sense of temporal decay; surfaces express the corrosion and distress that affect ancient objects over time. Fractured, the glass both transmits and refracts light; a continuum akin to the diaphanous pastel ribbons painted by the fading sun, and the milky cosmos illuminating the supernatural desert night sky.  

A conscious reimagining of classical elements, each object is a delirious, mystical fragment, projected into form, buried with the secrets of the temple, to be rediscovered by future searchers. 

Debuting at Salone del Mobile in 2024, the object was presented alongside an original short film, Ecstatic Desire, written and directed by BEYOND THE WEST. The film explores the surreal, transcendental dreamscape of the California high desert, and was produced exclusively for the 25th anniversary of SaloneSatellite.

17.25” H x 14” W x 6” D  |  43.8 x 35.5 x 15.2 cm           

Exclusively represented in the US by GALERIE PHILIA

… the word desire derives from the Latin for “without a star,” radiating a longing for direction. It is by wanting that we orient ourselves in the world, by finding and following our private North Star that we walk the path of becoming.